Monday, February 16, 2015

February: Bull Shoals Lake and the Pot Hole

The wading is good with lake level at 653.4 ft
February 13, 2015 Friday: My first trip to the Pot Hole since last spring.  The water level was 653.4 feet, which is low enough to wade; the three trees are at the waters edge. The water was clear and cold; the temperature was 42 degrees. A road project on river run extended a new road access to the powerhouse higher along the hill with a gate across stating road was closed. 
The new road to the powerhouse can be seen in this photo
I started fishing at 5 PM and the sun was down behind the hill by 6 PM. There was little wind or water moving from the powerhouse. Just before dark, the trout were taking midges off the top, with feeding rings seen in all directions. I had a few tugs on the Clouser minnow pattern from curious trout with no steel to the lips. At 7 PM, the horn sounded and water came through the wheels. I stayed until 7:30 PM. After a fly broke off, my hands were cold and I needed to take a leak. I took these signs to call it quits for the night. This will be my destination for the next month and hoping for a walleye on my next trip.