Thursday, September 12, 2013

September: Des first fishing trip

Sept 22, 2013: Jennifer, Desmond and I made a trip to fish. This will be Desmond's first trip to fish. We have practiced and he is willing to give it a try.

Des showing the roll cast before we get a line wet
We had a late start from Springfield and when we arrived, Desmond wanted to check out the plat ground. So, after thirty minutes going down slides and swinging. We were ready to find some water to fish. Jenn had to get some photos before we started.

Des did a good on the water and had a good time. We fished for one and a half hours and he brought in two trout. His mom and he actually had dual hook ups and that is the reason for not having a picture of Des with his first trout.
Des waiting patiently for a take
After an hour we went to another spot, and Des caught another trout.

Here is a video of the release, of coarse I missed most of the action by forgetting to start the camera. Way to go Grandpa!

At the end of the fishing adventure, Des had time to play and nothing better than throwing rocks in the water. But be careful!

We finished the day by 1 PM, stopped at the Rocking Chair restaurant on the trip back to Springfield. We made this trip in memory of Sean, this day would have been his birthday. We wanted this day to remember him. Uncle Sean would have been proud of Des and his first trout.

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