Monday, February 24, 2014

February: Bull Shoals, Pot Hole and walleye

The Power House at 657.7 feet, counted five rocks from the island
February 23, 2014: The water level for Bull Shoals was 657.7 feet. It is difficult to find good wading. There is a spot on the west side for footing but lost a dozen flies to the bottom; the Clousers minnows are too heavy, need to modify the fly for the west side. 
No one fishing the walleye hole, very little room to drive down to the pot hole
I looked at Swan Creek. The spot we fished last year looks like good place to start. I saw no working shad so I drove over to Beaver Creek. 
Swan Creek up stream from Shadow Rock Park
The place to fish at this time is at the bluff hole just below Kissee Mill on Beaver Creek. That is how far the lake level has backed up the water. 
Beaver Creek below Kissee Mill Park, the bluff hole
I finished the evening at the Pot Hole on the east side, I watch a pair of fishermen earlier in the day. One fished the road bed and the other fellow walked up the the power house. There were probably a half dozen fishermen on the west side at the walleye hole at sunset and that many or more up near the power house. 
Fishing the west side of the Pot Hole
My intent was to get as close as possible to the three trees. There was a tree that fell behind the three trees that fell near the third tree. I started below the third tree and was able to get a fly into the pool in front of the three trees. Later, I moved to the space between the 2nd and third tree. I had to stand on the root of the 2nd tree to get to waist deep water instead of chest deepwater wading out to the trees. I picked up a 23-inch walleye thirty minutes after sunset and probably lost a small trout a little later. 
First walleye of 2014, 23-inches
There was very little surface activity from working shad, saw two trout break the surface at sunset. Hope to make another trip within a week.

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