Sunday, June 22, 2014

June: Roaring River State Park with Desmond

Checking out the spring
6/20/2014 (Friday): I made arrangements with my daughter (Jenn) and grandson (Desmond) to fish Roaring River State Park. We left Friday afternoon; it was a hot and humid day with very few clouds in the sky. There was a forecast of late afternoon shower. 

Des enjoying the day in the shade
Our first task once we reached the park was getting tags to fish. Des wanted to checkout the hatchery, raceways and the source of the spring which is a collapsed dome cave. Des enjoyed the large trout in the pool near the spring and watching the MDC employees feeding the fish by hand. After a thirty minute tour, he was ready to fish. 

We lined our fly rods, and started with a few dry flies. Des was very patient with us and he tried roll casting from the water’s edge. Des is three and it was difficult getting the mechanics just right. We missed a few with the dry flies and continued downstream. We were looking for an area with shade and we found a spot thirty yards down past the low water bridge near the race ways. Des found many rocks and with his mother’s help built walls and dams next to the water’s edge. I switch to a small jig and found the trout more interested in chasing the moving fly. I would get a set and call Des to help me bring in the trout. We caught two trout and released them back to the water. 

Fishing Roaring River State Park
It was 5:30 PM, and more people started to line the stream. We decided to call it a day and returned to Springfield. Des is too young to fly fish, hopefully he will discover the passion to be outdoors and find the joy to stand in the water in a few years. Grandpa needs to be patient with Des and let him enjoy the rocks and time wandering along the stream banks.

Showing off a rainbow trout

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