Thursday, October 27, 2016

October: Fall fishing with family

My intention was to fish the Eleven Point River for a few days; I took off a few days a month ago. I even moved the kayak out of storage and gathered camping equipment. I went so far as setting up the tent in the yard and made a grocery list.
Just a little sip of apple cider from Murphy's Orchard

On Saturday before my intended trip, my daughter asked me about the 11 Point trip and she expressed an interest to go fishing. After giving it some thought, decided to fish Monday at Roaring River State Park with Jenn (daughter) and Fiona (granddaughter). We left Springfield 8:30AM with a stop in Marionville for some apple cider at Murphy’s Orchard. The day was sunny, very light wind. We did see an eight point buck just outside of Battlefield, a few turkeys along the way. 

Do you have something more my size?

We started out day of fishing by 10:30 AM in zone 1, near the hatchery. Jenn and I took turns fishing while the other watched Fiona. Fiona enjoyed the rocks and wanted to get in the water, which we were able to keep her dry throughout the day. By noon, we went to zone 2, below the camping area and ate soon lunch. I fished a little and had a difficult time getting the interest of the trout. Some of the fish gave chase with a fast moving soft hackle, but would turn away before taking the fly. We stayed until 2:30 PM and returned to Springfield.
I enjoy the outdoors and scenery
It was good to get out with pleasant weather and a granddaughter (15 Months) getting acquainted with our Missouri State parks. Jenn enjoyed the day by sipping apple cider and spending some moments with a fly rod in hand.

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